Thanks everyone!

To everybody who was in IYPT this year, my kind regards. We already miss you a lot, you cannot even imagine. It was my last IYPT, at least as a team member, wish I could be there more times.

To the old friends: it was a pleasure to see you again! To those new friends we made this year: it was our plesure to meet you! IYPT is about physics, but certainly leaving the friends we’ve made in such  short time without knowing when and if we’re going to meet again is quite depressive. We leave IYPT hoping to be there at least once more, counting the days for next year, so we can get together again.

Moreover, I wanted to thank the organizers and the local comitee of this year. Despite some specific problems with the internet connection, the organization this year was impressive! Every single detail was thought about. Our stay in Bad Saulgau was amazing. We woud never know about the city wasn’t it for IYPT. But we all loved the place, the campus, the dorms and everything there. IYPT couldn’t be held elsewhere this year.

It’s impossible not to have problems with the jury, but most of our fights went pretty well.

In short, we wanted to thank everybody deeply, from our colaborators (special regards to Hugo Marrochio and Felipe Vignon; you were awesome helping us!), to our IYPT friends and organizers, you are all amazing! We all hope to see you again… maybe next year?

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