Japanese school campus: the place where we used to rest (and work…) during IYPT

While we were in Bad Saulgau for this year’s competition, all the teams were accomodated in the Japanese school campus, where the dormitories were located. Apparently, this campus does not have anything there for most of the time, so it was specially prepared to receive all the competitors from the 28 different nations.

It was a beautiful and wooded site, there were trees everywhere. The teams’ bedroom were separated into two major buildings. Each bedroom had bunk beds and could accomodate two people or the whole team depending on how many boys and girls the team had. Also, there were shelves, chairs, desks and a wardrobe. Plaques with the names of the people that were going to occupate each room for the week as well as the flag of the country of which they were from were placed in the doors. When we got to our rooms, one bag for each participant with the tournament stuff, like badges, T-shirts, touristic info etc were above each of the room’s desk. Some pictures of these first impressions can be seen in another post.

The building in which our bedrooms were.

Just the main building (in which one could find rooms with people of the organizing team for information) was equipped with internet connection and, as we weren’t sleeping there, we had to take some time everyday in the stairs of this part of the campus. That was somewhat funny (ok… that was quite weird in the beggining in fact), as a lot of people were always stopping by the stairs to take some picture of what we were doing. Seriously, there must be a hundred of photos out there spread through the world of the Brazilian team using their laptops in the stairs…

Brazilian team using internet in the stairs.

But beacuse of these problems with internet, we started using the organ room in the nights, when we used to prepare our strategies based on what we experienced during the fights and on the previews of the next ones, contacted our family, studied and researched a bit. That room was amazing! Actually, a lot of people used to appear during the day to play the piano there. People from Iran, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, some guides and many other people. Not seldom, also a lot of people appeared to listen to what was being played, which was actually really fun. Below, you can see a video with recordings of some of this “private piano auditions” baggining by Ferdinand (our guide), playing some Brazilian songs, followed by Reza (Iranian team leader), playing his own compositions.

Pic of one of our nights in the piano room.

The campus was also place for some parties, which is going to be subject of another post. Also, we spent sometime there chatting and playing with other teams and that’s a really fun part of IYPT. Some soccer matches were held in the lawn and in a field they had in the back part of our building.

End of some soccer game.

Also in the back part of the campus, there was and exit to the city streets, which we used a lot as it was closer to our rooms.

A tent was placed in the middle of the area to serve as the dinnig room for the teams. There we had our breakfast, lunch, dinner… usually composed of some pasta, potatoes, salad and always bread. To drink we always had sparkling water, apple juice or coke. By the way, we have an interesting story of one of our team members and the coke… but I don’t think he’s going to be happy with me publishing this particular case haha. We didn’t have any problems with the food this year, so that was actually something good.

Inside the place where we had our meals.

In general we didn’t have much time to rest, as we were always thinking about something…

Ibraim solving the equations for problem number 7.

…but we tried to rest a bit in our rooms.


Now, there is a video of the usual path from our building to the main one, in which we used to walk all the time. Usually, at night, when we were coming back to our dorms from the piano room, the sky was always gorgeous and full of stars there.

Below, you can find some more photographs.

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